Thank you ...

Thanks to all of you .... - it was a turbulent, outstanding calligraphic year 2018 with valuable encounters, challenging sciptural projects and an overwhelming conclusion with my hand-lettered christmas balls.


A big thank you to my hosts where I was allowed to label chrismas baubles:
iKuh in Hirschegg, Grimmer garden in Sonthofen, Café Sissi in Kempten and SchlossPassage in Immenstadt.
It was always something special for me to be there.

For the year ahead many of you have made certainly good intensions again. But the experience has shown that many of the good will be soon forgotten.
Perhaps the quote of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "The future should not be soressen, but made possible" could be the better reason to start into the new year 2019.

For the New Year I wish you the very best with a lot of creative leisure for calligraphy.


Best regards
Marion Mischke

Writing treasures



Calligraphy is seduction. It means more than just writing some letters. It demands dedication, precision, patience and rhythm.

It is like a longing that keeps you going for your favorite writing tool to make unique writing compositions on a paper.


The art of beautiful writing must be learned as a musical instrument. There are rules that you have to know.

Out of this your personal style of writing which seeks perfection in its own rhythm will be developped.